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Paws and Whiskers

Cat Laser Toy | Paws & Whiskers

Cat Laser Toy | Paws & Whiskers

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Introducing our lovely product, a true delight for both cats and cat lovers alike. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey of joy and amusement with our feature-packed offering.

With a touch of whimsy, our Funny Cat mode comes in two captivating variations: automatic mode and manual mode. Let your feline companion revel in the excitement as they engage with our innovative creation in their own unique way. It's a world of endless possibilities tailored to bring smiles and laughter to both you and your furry friend.

Immerse yourself in the realm of adjustable wonder. Our product boasts five tracks that can be customized with a range of 2.5 angles. It's a mesmerizing spectacle that keeps your cat on their toes, exploring new dimensions of entertainment with each passing moment.

Versatility meets convenience with our dual power supply system. Choose between the reliable USB plug-in option or opt for battery power (requires 4*AA batteries, not included in the package). Flexibility is the key, allowing you to provide uninterrupted amusement for your beloved feline friend.

Experience the symphony of silence. Our stepless direction-changing silent motor ensures that your cat's comfort is never compromised. Watch in awe as your furry companion engages with the mesmerizing light display without any distractions or disturbances. Their natural hunting instincts will be stimulated, creating an atmosphere of pure delight.

We believe in longevity and endurance. Our industrial-grade light source guarantees durability, offering an extended lifespan that keeps the joy flowing for years to come. It's a beacon of excitement that never dims, bringing endless fun to your cat's playtime.

Tailor the experience to your cat's preferences. With two adjustable gears for laser speed, you can create an atmosphere that perfectly matches their energy levels. It's a personalized touch that ensures their engagement and satisfaction.

Enter a world of laughter and discovery with our Funny Cat mode. As the vibrant light dances across the floor and walls, your cat's hunting instincts will be awakened, resulting in moments of sheer joy. Take control with the mirror adjustment buttons, guiding the bright spot to captivate your feline's attention.

Even when you're away, our automatic mode keeps the fun alive. Let the laser cat accompany and entertain your feline companion during those moments when no one is home. It runs automatically for 15 minutes every 1.5 hours, ensuring your cat is never deprived of the playtime they deserve.

Indulge in the finest materials. Our product is crafted with ABS plastic, guaranteeing durability and reliability. It's a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch quality that stands the test of time.

Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment and laughter. Let our Funny Cat mode bring endless joy and excitement to your beloved feline companion. Order now and witness the transformation it brings to your cat's playtime. Get ready to create unforgettable memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Trevion Upton

Mon chat en est fou !

Cordelia Huel

Mis gatos lo disfrutan, muy buen juguete láser con 3 velocidades y puedes pegarlo a la pared

Jordy Toy

Сделано интересно. Только жалко котейку.

Donna Hamill

Best ever toy, very accurate as described, highly recommended, super fast shipping, my cats loved it

Queen Wehner

meus gatinhos amaram o produto. dei preferencia a este produto porque tem bateria interna e fica mais facil para mudar de ambiente para eles brincarem.