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Catnip Wall Ball | Paws & Whiskers

Catnip Wall Ball | Paws & Whiskers

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Give Your Cat the Gift of Natural Joy!


Discover the perfect toy for your beloved feline companion. Our cat grass balls are crafted with pure natural plant extracts, ensuring a safe and non-toxic playtime experience. With their practical design, these toys effortlessly stick to walls and surfaces, guaranteeing endless fun for your curious kitty. Watch as the balls swivel 360° when licked, providing an interactive and engaging play session.

Not only do these cat grass balls keep your furry friend entertained, but they also offer additional benefits. The irresistible combination of catmint and silvervine acts as a powerful attractant, encouraging your cat to be active and playful. Catnip, known for its calming properties, helps reduce anxiety in cats, ensuring they have a blissful and stress-free playtime.

But that's not all! Our cat grass also promotes dental health for your precious kittens. By reducing dental plaque and tartar, it helps maintain a clean mouth and fresh breath. Give your cat the gift of improved oral health while they indulge in endless fun with our cat grass balls.

Order now and treat your furry friend to a joyful and healthy playtime experience like no other!

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Customer Reviews

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Dina Kiehn

A mi gato le encanta

Keyshawn Emmerich

Мій кіт у захваті! рекомендую Слава Україні

Jalen White

Кот доволен, прибыл заказ за неделю. Рекомендую)

Jarrod Hane

Mis gatos están felices. Lo único es que se tarda en llegar.

Hassie Lindgren

El artículo concuerda con lo descrito, la gata está muy satisfecha