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Foldable Kennel Dog House Bed | Paws & Whiskers official

Foldable Kennel Dog House Bed | Paws & Whiskers official

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Foldable Kennel Dog House Bed

Many pet parents must have experienced that even when you leave your pet for a short duration, when you come back, they react as if you have been away for months.

The Primary reason for these anxiety related issues is lack of sleep and a comfortable night’s sleep can lead to physical and mental health concerns for dogs.

As most of the pets will curl up anywhere from a cold floor to a wet floor which is another reason for the troubles they face hence, we need to create an environment in which they feel clam and safe.


Paws and Whiskers presents a Foldable Kennel Dog House Bed which provides a soothing environment so that you pet can have a good night’s sleep and releases the traumatic tension. These unique and high-quality designed Pet dog house provides extra comfort to your furry friend.

Activates the Nervous System: This specially designed foldable dog house crate activates the nervous system and allows them to sleep calmly and peacefully.

Quality Material: The material used for these cat dog house is fluffier, softer and comfortable and you will be able to see immediate results by using these beds.

Water Resistant: This Dog Tent House for small dogs keep your furry friend warm and the water-resistant nylon keeps the bottom of the floor dry in case of a water accident.

Orthopedic Comfort: Flexible and cozy foldable dog bed is finished with shaggy faux fur and paired with deep cervices, your pet will have a restful sleep for better health.

Luxury Design: These luxurious design Cave dog house are sure to enhance the beauty of any house and is a great addition to the décor.

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Customer Reviews

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Henry Hauck

It’s amazing highly recommend!!

Jazlyn Walter


Connie Hayes

leuk klein huisje en snel geleverd bedankt alie express

Alayna Ratke

My puppy loves it .. very cute

Mylene Spinka

excelente producto, llegó a tiempo el pedido de echo llegó 3 días antes. a nuestra perrita le encantó